I'm Nate Goldman, a developer, designer, and human based in Portland, Oregon.

You can follow me on 🐈 github for open source project updates, 💼 linkedin for professional updates, and 🦆 twitter for general news and jokes.

🔭 Recent Experiments

🔄 Shape Rotator

Interactive simulated 3D cube on a 2D canvas with randomized colors and composite operations. Minutes of fun ⏲

🌈 Particles

Interactive particle physics experiment. Kids love it 👧🧒👦

📖 Open Source Projects

👉 I've been an open source author since 2012. I'm a maintainer for 144 open source projects on the npm registry at last count (August 2022). Below are some of the more popular projects I've authored (or co-authored). A complete list of my open source projects can be found on github.

🎛 Hyperamp downloads

Free cross-platform open source audio player (last release: 2019).

🪵 changelog-parser downloads

Change log parser for node.

🚀 gh-release downloads

Create a github release for a node package.

⏱ format-duration downloads

Convert milliseconds to a duration string.

🔰 style.css downloads

A classless stylesheet for HTML documents.

🗄 Work

👉 I'm currently available for work!

If you have an interesting project, please get in touch via email.

📄 Here's a copy of my resume.

📯 Contact

The best way to reach me for serious inquiries is via email: ungoldman@gmail.com