I'm Nate Goldman, a developer, designer, and human based in Portland, Oregon.

🔭 Projects

Sometimes I write, draw, or program things for fun. Here are some of those things.

🔄 Shape Rotator April 14th, 2022

Rotate a cube with random colors and composite operations. Minutes of fun!

🛰 Latest Earth April 11th, 2022

Latest full disk satellite images from Himawari, GOES, and Meteosat. Updated hourly.

✍️ Eternal Recurrence March 27th, 2022

Generative creative writing with OpenAI's GPT-3 Transformer language model.

🌈 Particles March 13th, 2022

Interactive particles reminiscent of an ancient screen saver.

📖 Open Source

I've been working on open source software, mostly Node and JavaScript, since 2012.

Here are some of the more popular open source tools I've created over the years.

🪵 changelog-parser downloads

Change log parser for node.

🚀 gh-release downloads

Create a github release for a node package.

⏱ format-duration downloads

Convert milliseconds to a duration string.

🔰 style.css downloads

A classless stylesheet for HTML documents.

🪓 hyperaxe downloads

An enchanted hyperscript weapon.

📝 sitedown downloads

A minimalist Markdown-based static site generator.

🌏 himawari-bg downloads

Set the latest image from Himawari 8 as your desktop background.

👉 A complete list of open source projects can be found on github.

🗄 Work

I've been working as a software developer for about a decade.

Here's some of my most recent professional work.

📺 Scripto

Collaborative writing software for TV show writers (Daily Show, Colbert, John Oliver, Sam Bee, Desus & Mero, Lilly Singh, many more).

🏥 ZHealth

Medical documentation software for heart surgeons and hospitals.


GIS & geofencing R&D, open source, developer docs.

👉 I'm currently available for work! If you know of a position you think I'd be a good fit for, please get in touch via email.

📄 Here's a copy of my resume.

💬 Social

You can find me on the following social networks:

📯 Contact

The best way to reach me for serious inquiries is via email: ungoldman@gmail.com